Welcome to the SLAMily

Here at the Poetry Society we’re still coming down from the buzz of the 1st April showcase of our 2011 winners, and the joys that the 2011 competition brought us in general. And it looks like we’re not alone.

One of the beautiful things about SLAMbassadors UK is the closeness of each SLAM team of winners. These young people come together as a set of individuals from all around the country and leave as a unit bound together by a shared love of wordsmithery. This incredible piece by 2011 winner Gabriel Akamo gives eloquent testament to how much of a team these 8 spoken word stars have become. Gabriel wrote this after he came to London for the SLAMbassadors UK winners weekend- which culminated in the incredible 1st April showcase- and eagled-eyed viewers will notice references to each of our 8 winners and their poetry woven into his words. If you want to play ‘spot the slammer’, then brush up your knowledge of our 8 winning poets by checking out their films on the Poetry Society YouTube channel.

Thank you, Gabriel, for writing for us and for the dedication. And thanks again to the 8 stars of the 2011 competition for sharing their talents with us. They are already going on to great things- watch this space for more news on what they’re up to and for our plans for Slam in 2012.

Oh- and if you’re wondering why Gabriel writes as John Milton, here’s your answer- the winners spent their weekend in the company of this bust of the man himself, who lives in the Poetry Society studio (seen here in the company of another 2011 winner, Renne). Milton had never seen the like…

Watch Gabriel’s video for the 2011 SLAMily