The SLAMbassador Sessions # 3

Once a month I organise and host the SLAMbassador Sessions for the Poetry Society, in a small basement in the clotted heart of Covent Garden. These are essentially live master classes in spoken word that are followed by scratch performances of new and experimental work. Each session has been a tiny miracle. Each one has had an inate beauty that it is difficult to describe. Each one has been perfect in its imperfections. They have shown the cleverness and the fearlessness of the writers and composers, and each poem or beat has taken fruther into the lives of the artists on stage. We have learned much.

Now it is time to take it one step further. And we need you to help us.

At the next SLAMbassadors Session on April 4th we need you to come and watch the gig. This is a very special gig, as it will be the one where you help me decide which of the poets and rappers on stage will accompany me when I support John Hegley and The Beat on board the magnificent art ship Stubnitz.

They are all too good for me to make a selection alone, and so when you arrive at the gig you will be given a sheet of paper with the artists names on. You simply tick the name you want to see perform again and I will take it from there.

If you do decide to come and support the SLAMbassadors all you need to do is whisper ‘The Beat’ to the door person and they will let you in free of charge.

SLAMbassador Sessions # 3

Poetry Cafe

22 Betterton Street

London wc2h 9bx