News, news and more news

We may have seemed quiet but don’t worry- we hadn’t forgotten about you! Far from it, Slam Towers has been bubbling away with activity, and now we have lots of lovely news to bring you. 

Tower Hamlets

As I write, workshops are popping up like summer blossoms in schools all over the London borough of Tower Hamlets. It’s a lovely sight to see, and even lovelier will be watching the talented young writers from these schools performing their creations on stage. There will be a celebration event at the Soho Theatre for these schools to come together and share the work of some of their young poets- can’t wait to see that!

Thanks to über-poets Pace and Steve Tasane for their hard work in these schools and for the teachers and students for sharing their time and skills with SLAMbassadors UK. Videos from these workshops will be uploaded later in June- and once they’re up, we’ll let people know through the Facebook page for our Young Poet’s Network. So ‘like’ the page now to be kept updated! Click here to visit it.

SLAMbassadors UK takes over the Southbank Centre

It’s a takeover as SLAMbassadors appears in not one but two parts of the massive Festival of the World event this summer. The event runs at the Southbank Centre, on the river Thames in central London, from 1st June to 9th September, and the theme is ‘Can art change the world?’ Naturally, here at SLAMbassadors UK we know full well that our art- that of creating and sharing powerful poetry about the politics of the self and the world- can and has changed lives, so we feel pretty well placed to comment on this. That must be why they’ve asked us to participate in this huge festival (last year’s summer festival at the Southbank had 3 million active participants!).

So first of all, be sure to linger if you’re wandering down near the river or Waterloo station, as SLAMbassadors UK features in a big outdoor exhibition showcasing life-changing arts projects from all over the world. You’ll find images and information about the Slam on a packing crate by the water, looking for all the world as though we’ve just washed up on the shore- poetry flotsam, if you will. Go and see us! More info about the Festival of the World is here.

And secondly, and possibly even more excitingly, SLAMbassadors UK will be represented among the speakers and performers at the Festival of the World Summit event on Monday 25th June 2012. This is huge! The event (details and tickets here) will feature illustrious speakers such as philosopher Alain de Botton, political stand-up and activist Mark Thomas and seriously cool Senegalese musician Baaba Maal (if you haven’t heard his music, check it out). AND, alongside them, possibly the most exciting guests of all, SLAMbassadors UK alumni Chris Preddie and Aaron ‘ICY’ Denyer! These two Slam stars will be giving a ‘bite’ performance in the afternoon of the event, and as the summit will discuss the way arts can bring about social and life changes, we think they’ll make for some pretty eloquent representatives. Good luck guys!

See? We told you we’d been busy. Watch this space for more news and in the meantime: slam on, slammers.