SLAMbassadors FESTIVAL tour 2011


We have finally mananged to scrape the mud out from beneath our tongues after Sin One and Joelle Taylor took Glastonbury Festival by storm!! They performed in the funky Poetry and Words tent nestled toward the rear of the Cabaret field, beneath a 200 ft flame spitting metal spider! All good. Thanks to the extra care and attention given by hosts Dreadlock Alien and Paula Varjack, the gigs went without a hitch – unless you call a heatwave during a slam a glitch, that is. SinOne perfromed a gig on Friday, Joelle on Saturday and then both led the infamous GLASTONBURY SLAM as the headline act on Sunday evening. Watch this space for full details on this year’s winner – the youngest to ever grab the mic at that event at just 17!


SLAMbassadors UK is proud and excited to be a part of the first ever Pop UP Festival of Children’s Stories – taking place on July 9th and 10th in Coram’s Fields, 93 Guilford Street, City of London WC1N 1DN.

9th July Poetry Arena – curated by Joelle Taylor

The Poetry Arena will feature some of the most dynamic performance poets, rappers, beatboxers and spoken word artists ever to gather together on one dusty stage over the space of just 6 hours. Featuring gigs from 10 years of SLAMbassadors UK winners alongside the impressive vocal acrobatics of Francesca Beard, Adisa, Charlie Dark and – headliner – Alexander D Great.

July 10 SLAMbassadors UK Workshop

Led by Joelle Taylor – Artistic Director of SLAMbassadors UK, UK coach and Poet

A rare opportunity to sign up for participation in this performance poetry master class from 11am  for a workshop beginning at 12.  This intensive master class will take you through the history of UK spoken word, writing techniques that will make your wrist leave home, performance skills to help you scar the stage with your name and one-to-one mentoring with Joelle Taylor. By the end of the day you will have written your own entry for  SLAMbassadors UK 11, filmed it – and then you will prepare to perfrom live at 4.30pm!! If you’re interested email to be first on the waiting list. If you want to be a professional poet and/ or performer this is where it all begins…


July 15th and 17th 2011

Joelle Taylor and slam-alumni Kayo Chingonyi will be hitting the glamping festival of year, Larmer Tree from July 15th. This is an amazing, energetic  jazz/ folk festival nestled somewhere off the main road to Salisbury amidst green fields and peacocks (apparently). We will be peforming in the Lyrical Lostwood each evening 9-11pm, and Kayo will also be the festival poet laureate this year. Catch Kayo Chingonyi each day for mentoring workshops in the Lostwood space.