BLAST off!

Oh. My. Word.

…after 7 years of spitting on stages across London, SLAMbassadors UK is finally going nationwide on June 15th! Thanks to BBC Blast we will be storming the suburbs this summer with a set of workshops aimed at inspiring and provoking teenagers into speech. But SLAMbassadors is not just about the chance to speak and flex your voice, it’s not just about developing conscious and coherent thought – it’s about talent scouting too. The Poetry Society – in its 100th year – has a long and respected history of digging up raw talent and seeing it on to the pages of a stage or a first collection. So whether you are a free verse poet working out of your bedroom in Solihull, a rapper loosening your lips around a mic in Lewisham or a Mancunian emcee – address the theme of Identity and send your films through to the BBC Blast website. And do it NOW!

We’ve been to Downing Street, Buckingham Palace, the Millennium Dome, Trafalgar Square and Blue Peter – now we are coming to you.

The Poetry Society and BBC Blast present SLAMbassadors – a UK-wide Slam Poetry Competition for 13 – 19 year olds.

For the first time in its history, the Slam championship will go nationwide with young people from across the country encouraged to participate.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get involved!

What is Blast?

BBC Blast is the  BBC’s learning initiative that supports the development of creative skills in 13-19 year olds. Blast online is at the heart of the  project,  allowing participants to upload their own content and gain feedback from both peers and media industry professionals. The  nationwide Blast tour offers free  creative workshops , visiting a total of 27 town and cities throughout the UK  from April to November each year .  Plus, content created by users on the website and tour is collected throughout the year and  the very best is showcased  on BBC2 in  the autumn.

Further information about BBC Blast can be found here

The Blast Tour

At each event Blast builds an impressive mobile media village, with purpose built digital workshop spaces and a separate performance area. Young people get the chance to use professional state of the art equipment to produce their own creative work, with advice and support from BBC staff and industry professionals.  FREE SLAMbassadors workshops will run across the BBC Blast tour this year, offering young people the opportunity to develop their lyric writing and performance skills, and explore Slam Poetry – the competitive art of performance poetry, spoken word, and rap.

Workshops will be available at the following tour locations:

London, New Vic College Newham – Thursday 9 July

Bristol Harbour Festival – Friday 31 July

Leeds – August (date TBC)

Liverpool – Saturday 12 September

Salford – October (date TBC)

For more information about workshops, the competition and details of how to enter, please visit the Blast website.